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( 02/26/01 )

All of our foster dogs have been examined by a veterinarian, have been wormed and have received age appropriate immunizations. Despite their tough start these little guys will make loving pets for good homes. Foster parent phone numbers are included with the listing. Why not call and adopt one today?

Beautiful 12 week old spayed female mixed lab. Black with a white blaze on her chest. ID Implant. Fostered at 422-5002 An arm full of puppy. 20 pounds at 9 weeks! Mixed medley, neutered male. Black. ID Implant. Crate trained. Good with other dogs. Fostered at 983-3606.
A male and a female. Mixed labs. 9 weeks old. Scheduled for neutering and spaying soon, but available NOW with a voucher adoption. Fostered at 984-6668. Crate trained, 12 week old spayed female mixed breed puppy. Golden with a black muzzle. Just 10 pounds and suspect whe'll be just under 30 pounds when full grown. ID implant. Fostered at 982-4623.
An attractive mixed medley spayed female puppy. 9 weeks old. Colloring of a Collie, but with a shorthair coat. Responding nicely to training. ID Implant. Fostered at 463-7945 Friendly, 9 week old spayed female mixed breed pup. Black and white. Getting high marks for learning simple commands. ID Implant. Fostered at 463-7470.
An affable guy, 18 months old. Neutered, but views fences as mere hurdles. He's crate-trained at night. Wonderful with children. Wide-open spaces would be the best for this mixed lab. Black and white. Fostered at 983-2486 A lovely 15 week old spayed female mixed Australian shepherd who's innjured right eye was removed. ID Implant. Being crate trained. Fostered at 983-3606.

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